Legacy Application Migration

Simplify the Transition.

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Our solutions are designed for uncomplicated integration with existing systems in your organization. We help you with solutions that are more reliable and steady as compared to legacy applications. Experience an augment in productivity, security, efficiency, flexibility and scalability with our enhanced solutions. Leverage the fringe benefit offered by latest technology, such as social networking, search integration and more. You get high-tech systems that are easy to use and maintain by reducing your operational costs with new-age applications. Non-stop updates ensure your systems are never outdated as they have efficient processes which runs smooth, faster without any hassles.

Automated migration processes with less human intercession which lower-down errors during migration process and by the utilization of technology with great interop improves business performance. We do have expertise to perform web-enabling of the Legacy Applications by using modern technologies such as ASP.NET, VB.NET or C# and Database such as MS SQL 2005 or MS SQL 2008. Various solutions are offered by our professionals such as maintenance, quality control of Legacy system, Modernization, Testing and Migration.

The Immemorial applications are referred to as Legacy applications and they are one of the biggest assets of an IT company.

Legacy Application Migration aid's assimilate the erupt cosmos of mobile communications into well-established networks without revamp or revive the whole infrastructure of an adequate system. By addressing the particular needs of our individual clients, we can assist them avoiding the unnecessary costs of giant migration packages designed to cover every possible contingency.

We will simplify the transition to a new hardware configuration or to the latest version of the program of your choice. Our company will deliver a package tailored to the specific needs of each client, whether it streamlines the functionality of existing hardware to make it more cost-efficient and responsive to the rapidly evolving technology, or moving older content and information to the latest machines and software in response to growing needs.

By the utilization of our Legacy Application Migration services, we can help you move from old proprietary systems that may have lost the support they once enjoyed to the newest open-source applications or to the latest and most respected name brands on the market. Our Legacy Application Migration Services include migration of VB to VB.NET, ASP to ASP.NET, C or C++ to .NET, Foxpro or Pascal to .NET, Migration and up gradation of different versions of .NET, Open Source Migration, Mobile Applications Up gradation, Source code upgrade, optimization and refactoring.

Our approach is truly client-centered. We are here to provide the service you need, not to sell you the services we offer. Let us simplify your Legacy Application Migration. Contact us today and get your applications prepared to cope with the advanced tools and technology of competitors.